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Hiyamashūnese Era Scheme

The Hiyamashūnese Era Scheme (Japanese: 日岾洲年号暦, Hiyamashuunengokoyomi) also known as the Meihon Era System (Japanese: 明本年号暦, Meihonnengokoyomi) or Meihon Calendar is a calendar scheme that has two elements, Nengo also known as "Era name" and followed by a number that denotes the year.

This scheme is generally optional as it is not mandated nor officially recognised by any form of legislation. However, it is customary for government documents to include this scheme since the 4th Constitution of Hiyamashū.

The current era is Meihon (明本) which began officially on 1st January 2019 which is Regional Formation Day for Hiyamashū. However, it is only as of recent, that this scheme was used.


The system of era names have no specific origin though it is believed that Emperor Tokiharu came up with the system as he was attending to nature.

The first and only era name is "Meihon" (明本) since there has yet to be a successor after Emperor Tokiharu. The era name may also be changed by political climate or internal affairs of Hiyamashū.

Conversion Table

This table converts Hiyamashūnese year to the Gregorian calendar. This is assuming that Meihon continues indefinitely.

Hiyamashūnese year Gregorian year
明本前四 2015
明本前三 2016
明本前二 2017
明本前一 2018
明本一 2019
明本ニ 2020
明本三 2021
明本四 2022
明本五 2023

Hiyamashūnese Era Scheme
日岾洲年号暦 (Japanese)

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