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General Information sections was written by Maxine (1st Party Source)

The People's Republic of Noreat (Kr: 노리인민공화국, nori-inmingonghwaguk), is a nation located in Klazt and was formally in the Eastern Hiyamashu sea.

The country was founded after a communist revolution in August 1902 after the people judged the capitalist democratic system was corrupt and inefficient.

The current Noreatian Government is a constitutional autocracy, with a parliament, that is elected by the people and for the people. It's purpose is to transmit feedback from the population and check for laws to respect the constitution. If they judge the current leader to not do it's job properly, they can cast a vote to impeach the current leader.

Members of the Parliament are chosen by regional vote, once every 3 years. An emergency election can happen if the people feel the current members are not fulfilling their jobs adequately.

The current leader is required to choose someone from any parliament member that held position during his terms to be the next leader after their rule. If the leader is impeached however, the people votes to elect one of the current parliament members. There is one member elected per region so there is a total of 60 members.


Government & society

Noreat has a socialist/communist government and so, capitalism is prohibited. The high tax rate funds everything in the country, housing, food and healthcare are free, with little to no difference between the poorest and richest citizens. The rest of their income is to buy other types of food, get better housing and other "luxury" items or non-free services like hotels or restaurants. Private industries are banned. Same sex marriage is allowed as well as euthanasia. Sex education is mandatory, AIs are given rights. Compulsory Organ Harvesting is also in place.

Law & Order

The nation has no prisons and jails as it strictly belives in rehabilitation. There is a strict gun control in effect to prevent any citizens to get a gun.


Noreat has a socialist economy planned with the help of an AI and supercomputers. Most services are free and most notably healthcare, cannabis is legal, Noreat also enforce positive actions and is also funding a space program. The nation uses the Metric system for it's obvious superiority


Noreat takes part in the International Climate Treaty that aims to switch to fully renewable energy by 2040. On the defense part, Noreat has the nuclear weapon and other weapons of mass destruction.



This section was written by Tokiharu

Noreat is a nation held by Maxine (Discord ID: 172721117759275019), the 4th First Minister of the Empire of Hiyamashu. Maxine was heavily involved in a corruption and extremism scandal that plagued the 4th People's Parliament of Hiyamashu.

Maxine was charged by the State Court of Hiyamashu on 18th August 2020 and was found guilty of the following charges:

  • 1 count of extremism
  • 1 count of Intentions to Hurt Relations
  • 1 count of Abuse of Office
  • 3 counts of Harassment

She was sentenced to a permanent exile from Hiyamashu. On the same day, she was pardoned by Emperor Tokiharu of all charges.

I have deliberated for a while and I now have decided. Maxine is defined guilty by the law of Hiyamashū, noting the lack of continuity of her arguments and the lack of Message IDs. Maxine will now be banned from Hiyamashū permanently, unless the Emperor overrides this decision. Thank you both, @Egg and @☭ 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚡𝚒𝚗𝚎 ☭ , for representing, and I wish you all good luck.

— Declaration of Verdict by Luihonzou, the preceding judge of the case.

18th August 2020, 11:36 AM (GMT+8)

The People's Republic of Noreat
노리인민공화국 (Korean)





"무엇보다 사람들"

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