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Tanuki Throne

The Tanuki Throne (Japanese: 帝位, mikadoi) is the throne of the Hiyamashunese Empire.

In a metonymic sense, the "Tanuki Throne" also refers rhetorically to the head of state and the institution of the Hiyamashunese monarchy itself.


The Tanuki Throne is an abstract metonymic concept that represents the monarch and the legal authority for the existence of the government.

According to legend, the Hiyamashunese monarchy is said to be founded at least 10 years before the Meihon Era had started by the legendary Daimei-okami. Tokiharu is most commonly known as the 1st and only emperor of the empire since Daimei-okami is a kami and not an emperor.

The 3rd Constitution considers the throne as a figurehead and representative of the region. At this time, the aspect of executive power had remained as an unwritten rule.

The 4th Constitution defines the Tanuki throne as "the Crown" in which all powers of the state lies upon, which was amended into the constitution after the Maxine Incident. The title of emperor may be changed to any title by future monarchs as this aspect is not mandated by any form of legislation, this is such since the 1st constitution, which considers the throne as the "sovereign of the region".

The Tanuki Throne
帝位 (Japanese)

Throne at the Kyowada Imperial Palace

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